18 year old dating 16 year old in california

Even if you have not had any sexual relationships with this child, you can be arrested while the police investigate the allegations of the parent.

Of course if there are no findings of a crime you will be released, but do you want to go through this risk?

It is also illegal for the 18 year old to purchase or share cigarettes or alcohol with the 16 year old.Yes, what you would have to do is defense yourself, but it would be best to avoid all of this all together.She is 17 before you know it she will turn 18 and she will be free from the parents' legal rights to protect their children.Unless both the 18 year old and 16 year old are students dating while both are in high school, their dating will be considered very socially unacceptable and suspect.Usually, when a person graduates high school, he or she stops dating anyone who is still in high school.

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