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And can you really tell the difference between a luxurious tree and a thrifty one?

FEMAIL has pitted top-end trees costing as much as £430 against budget offerings for just £19.99 from the likes of Aldi.

Through most of the Queen and Prince Philip's 70-year marriage, rumours of his alleged affairs have been rife.

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Sinead Wooding, 26, was found dead in woodland in Leeds earlier this year.

There were claims today that military chiefs asked China for its blessing before launching the coup.

China says the visit to Beijing last week of General Constantino Chiwenga (bottom right, with Chinese defence minister Chang Wanquan), who appears to have taken control of Zimbabwe, was merely a 'normal military exchange'. Dubbed 'Gucci' Grace, the wife of deposed Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe is renowned for her extravagant spending sprees around the world.

Other items lack a certain appeal with pickle flavoured toothpaste and dedication tea almost certain to put your off your food.

Mugabe remains holed up in his £7.5million palatial residence (top left), known as the Blue Roof, in Zimbabwe's capital Harare.

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