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It took a lot of hard work, but it has paid off big time.

After Apolo Anton Ohno and his US relay team in the 5000M speed skating event last night, the medal count for the US was 36.

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I freaking love the Olympics and everything about them.

And meeting one like Apolo Ohno was no disappointment.

As for Ohno, he now has two more chances to add to his medal... Read Full Story Apolo Anton Ohno is a member of the U. Olympic team at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.That meant Charles Hamelin grabbed the gold, Sung Si-Bak of Korea got...Read Full Story Apolo Anton Ohno won bronze tonight in the men's 1000 meter short track, and so by doing became the most decorated American athlete in Olympic history.He is the face of speed skating and is still commentating at Olympics currently.But what you might not know is that Apolo was once a punk kid, who had never met his mother, was angry at life, and had no work ethic. But it wasn’t until he put his mind to train like a champion, committed fully, and became obsessed with his sport that he rose to Olympic glory.

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