Bebo dating review high end dating service singapore

Think the site turned into a sex site to be honest and I ignored almost all messages. - only about 19 years old at the time and I still logged on daily - Obviously I wasnt…

Read Full Review The site used to be such good fun for people in the UK, however they got sold to another company after hitting some financial difficulty and now it is just a waste of time and money It is over-run with fake profiles and perverts.

Shouldn't invites be available to everyone that is a member of that site?I can though recommend this site to every see you next tuesday in…Read Full Review Used to be a longtime member of Faceparty......then Anarchy Towers began to rip it apart like the retards they really are.I understood what I was getting Myself into & You could end up being deleted without any warning, So what wait a few months & Then Buy Cool Tools & AVS, But no ones…Read Full Review Dead cows, art to some vile pig poo to others, those are the words of a very wise man (god rest his soul in hell) to describe FACEPARTY, I really think his words have a deep resonance with this fantastic website.

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