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Dating violence during adolescence is generally accepted to be a precursor to domestic or intimate partner violence in adulthood.Victims of teen dating violence face a greater risk of problems like depression, suicidality, drug and alcohol problems, and re-victimization in young adulthood, problems that have also been shown to disproportionately affect LGBTQ teens in general.A new study says teen dating violence is on the rise -- and it may have something to do with the recession.On The Early Show, as part of the special series called "CBS Reports: Children of the Recession," CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reported that a study released by Liz Claiborne and The Family Violence Prevention Fund shows an increase in teen dating violence -- directly tied to the economic downturn.Nearly half of the respondents report being controlled, threatened or pressured to do things against their will."Families in economic distress are themselves experiencing higher rates of violence," said Kiersten Stewart, of the Family Violence Prevention Fund, "and teens in those same households are also experiencing much higher rates of dating violence in their own relationships."And that's the case for 18-year-old Whitley-Ann, whose last name CBS News is not disclosing. "I didn't want people to not like him, because I knew I was going back to him."And like many victims in the study, Whitley-Ann was too scared to tell anyone close to her. While the immediate impact might be humiliation and/or physical pain, young people who experience abuse are more likely to be in physical fights or bring weapons to school.They might exhibit higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse as well as high-risk sexual behaviors.

showed significantly higher rates of dating violence among LGB youth than among non-LGB youth.As difficult as it may be to admit, LGBTQ people – including LGBTQ youth – can be and are perpetrators of violence as well as its victims, and too often, that violence occurs in the context of romantic and/or sexual relationships.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), lesbians and gay men experience equal or higher levels of intimate partner violence (IPV) as heterosexuals, with bisexual women suffering much higher rates of IPV in comparison to lesbians, gay men and heterosexual women.She told Miller she was abused by her former boyfriend. "A lot of people don't know when they're in an abusive relationship," Whitley-Ann says."They're in denial, like I was."Whitley-Ann has been free of her abuser for six months, and plans to attend college this fall.

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