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His trademarks are a green sweatshirt, a blue and red baseball cap worn backward and his ability to "cloud surf" (also referred to in the show as "cloud skiing").The baseball cap was a gift to Kit from Baloo, as a sign of friendship and trust.This site is completely free from register and payment.It means that it is not necessary to fill in the boring forms or charts, no your account records and bulky profiles. One more positive thing about absence of the formal side of a random chat is real anonymity.He also has a penchant for getting into schemes that require him to dress up in drag to suit the situation, such as when he became Rebecca's "female" co-pilot Tan-Margaret (a play on Ann-Margret) in the episode "Feminine Air".Some of his mannerisms survive from The Jungle Book, including his nickname of "Papa Bear" by Kit, which Mowgli had given to him.

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Being in a cam-to-cam chat, you can see and hear the interviewees, send them a text message, as well as communicate by connecting webcams and a microphone to broadcast their own video and audio.This is the trademark of a random chat to let your fortune choose the companion for you.Depending on your preference, you can either start a conversation, or continue the search.Although lazy, slobbish, unreliable and always broke, he is also an excellent pilot and capable of the most daring maneuvers in the air. He will also selflessly come to the aid of those in need of help.His irresponsible behavior sometimes jeopardizes important situations, as seen in the episode "Your Baloo's in the Mail" when he fails to mail a winning ticket in the proper way, which puts Rebecca's ability to receive 0,000 in prize money at risk.

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