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Casting aside the cloak of sexual shame and secrecy does not mean anything goes, all the time, anywhere!Discretion and openness are not mutually exclusive.(Not that she'll have time for more than the occasional tweet, given her new workload.)It's wrong for high school teachers to get involved romantically or sexually with students, and with very, very few exceptions, teachers should not even be friends with students.Those things are already prohibited, no matter how you do it – cell phone, detention closet, handwritten notes.I doubt a 23-year-old, freshly minted teacher is going to stop interacting online simply because she has begun a Grown-Up Career!Besides, considering the pay scale for first-year teachers, the internet will be the only entertainment she can afford for a while.According to the , the state's teacher's unions recommend that teachers not post profiles on social networking or online dating sites because it could lead to the appearance of improper relationships with students. Police officers prohibited from posting hook-up invitations on craigslist lest it appear they are hooking on the side?Firefighters advised not to enter a members-only adult community, in case some old biddy sees an episode of and accuses them of cyberperversions?

We built the teachers dating site for teachers to be simple and easy to use on the go to save you time and money. We have thousands of local single teachers just waiting to meet you.

do if your employer told you not to use My Space, and Second Life because those sites are "too dangerous" and "inappropriate" for you?

If you're a teacher in Ohio, you'd better think twice before you answer, because it's not a hypothetical question.

But teachers who understand appropriate relationships with students are not going to "friend" teens on My Space, text message youth about their sex lives or hook up with minors in role-playing games.

Teachers who want to act like they're still on the other side of the desk – whether to live out a fantasy of finally joining the popular crowd, or to "support" students by acting like peers, or even to make sexual advances – will do so regardless of technological means.

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