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But I rate this plane as only good because the adjusting mechanism for the iron is very sloppy and it is impossible to make minute adjustments so the plane will operate properly.The looking screw itself causes the iron to shift to one side when tightened.Try adjusting the cap iron screw so the cap iron sits with the tightening knob in the correct alignment when it gets tight, and I'll bet that solves your movement problem.

The looking screw itself causes the iron to shift to one side when tightened'.

This LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY does not cover products that are improperly used, abused, altered or repaired, nor does it cover consumable good such as knife blades, glue sticks, etc.

If found to be defective, a replacement will be sent to you.

This type study is based upon Roger Smith's original and includes many comments and updates from Patrick Leach. "The improved form of this Plane Iron renders it unnecessary to detach the Cap Iron, at any time, as the connecting screw will slide back to the extreme end of the slot in the Plane Iron, without the danger of falling out.

This information was originally on Jay Sutherland's website, but it went inactive sometime in 1999 or 2000. The screw may then be tightened, by a turn with thumb and finger; and the Cap iron will serve as a convenient handle, or rest, in whetting or sharpening the cutting edge of the Plane Iron." There you have it, in all its gory, why the circular hole was repositioned, after it being at the top of the blade for some 100 years. However, the patent drawing for the change shows what I believe is the real reason for the change - the circular disk, on the lower end of the lateral adjustment lever, loses its ability to engage the slot provided for it (in the cutter) when the iron is nearly used up.

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