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She is thinking of walking away because she feels so attached already.This is an interesting behavioral pattern of an anxious-avoidant.

If a guy isn’t giving me an indication that he’s ready for anything hot and heavy I’ll feel so icky and awkward about bringing this subject up with him. A lot of women do that and they are not getting what they want cause it shows a lack of decorum and it is plain reactive and unattractive. He wants a prize, not a desperate housewife wannabe. You are allowed your own pace but until he is on the same page as you, it’s really futile to force your pace on him. What is the purpose of this drama prone guilt trip imposed on him? If you aren’t comfortable following a man’s lead, then you are not cut out to be with a masculine man -which entails MOST MEN.

Say for whatever reason, he’s so sure about wanting a relationship with them, I bet they’ll run for the nearest hills cause “he’s just needy” or “possessive.” You are not ready yourself for anything serious.

I know I wasn’t when I first met my ex, having just been out of a 9-year relationship but I thought I wanted a relationship. Ruby, having just broken up from her boyfriend only a less than a year ago, is exactly in that stage. Bringing the talk only makes you appear presumptuous,dramatic and pushy.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t good enough, could be improved on or had to be changed. So reading this book and applying her philosophies, really allowed me to learn to date in a healthy, safe and non-dramatic way.

Can you imagine how hard it would have been for guys to date me?! Paige Parker doesn’t just talk a whole bunch of dating tips and rules. I got all my excitement from engaging with my life more.

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