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There are so many things to be discovered, there is so much depth and unexplored beauty that is left untouched in people. I'm very much interested in yoga, alternative healing methods, vegetarian cooking, travelling, mysticism, eastern philosophies, shamanism and so on... Maybe the woman I could fall in love with, if you continue reading this letter. I am good in philosophizing, listening, writing poems, painting and scientific research.

I love those rare moments when two people just connect, when you become vulnerable for just a second, and don't know what will happen next, you are just you, in the most authentic form, without shields and walls..you think everyone will run to the hills because now they see who you really are, but in reality this is the moment when you really shine. Yeah, I'm an idealist and a dreamer but I've also got a very practical, grounded side. I'm basically an introvert but love to talk (until I get exhausted and need to recharge) :) I have a lot of experience living as an expat and being surrounded with people from various cultures... What I really love is having deep conversations, travelling, explore nature, learning something new, creative work. I love science, behavioral research, archeology, art, music, films and a lot more.

Single middle aged owner occupier also lives in the property.

The room is a good size with a double bed provided.

Dream to leave my city, the farther the better))Maybe will move to other city or country.

Also, sometimes I do horse riding, and have a musical education.

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Still in the closet but hoping to meet other fem's, hopfully in my area, im 17 so dont drive, unless you count driving people up the wall. I'm a young 51, plus size, comfortable in my own skin. I am originally from the USA, now living in the UK.So yeah, I'd like to meet people with similar interests, or with whom this message resonates. Superficiality, dishonesty and playing games is not my thing.If you are also adventurous, with an open mind, wanting to live a fulfilled life I would be happy to get a letter from you.I will be taking three foundation level courses, non clinical psycology, computer science and full media. I'm a writer, book reviewer, and do a bit of freelance work for a publisher as a social media manager and acquisitions assistant.So i shoot people a lot, with my Nikon or Panasonic. Totally into honesty, I'm a widow, and was married for 16 years to a man, but I prefer a F/F lifestyle. I am a femme lesbian and I like sporty kinda women!! I enjoy sci-fi (HUGE fan),trying new things and meeting folk from all over.

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