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(This is not where I was planning to go with this blog, but it is where I have been led to go.) The point is: we need each other.

The only defense against the hideous monster of emptiness is a healthy fullness of God and of each other.

By far, the most common method is to just open your eyes in a natural setting.

Your own backyard can become a fascinating arena of activity when you pause to watch as feathered friends flit from bush to bush noisily chirping at fledglings or dining on berries hidden in the foliage.

The nature of wildlife (and the wild life of nature) can be a bit perplexing at times.

But it is always fun to watch and there are several ways that one can participate in watching wildlife.

Chemical changes within an adolescent body create an unstable world of boiling emotions and self-doubt.

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One came from a very unstable environment that left her emotionally shattered and fearful while the other came from a caring foster mother, full of hopes and dreams.There are people in Virginia, Florida and across the country who understand that loss in a very deep and personal way.There is a grace and freedom that is carried on eagles’ wings that personifies liberty and strength like nothing else.The monster knows that a full calendar is not indicative of a full heart. The busyness of life has passed them by and without a healthy support system of loving contact, the monster of emptiness can consume them with despair.The realization that the years behind them far outnumber the ones ahead is a constant companion and the longing for what once was easily overshadows any hope of what might be.

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