My experiences online dating com

Some of them even (and I kid you not, I've spotted it many times) tell the reader to quote something from their profile to prove that they read it. You don't get such neurotic nonsense from the other women in other countries. By contrast, a woman from Vietnam or Malaysia or Hungary or Colombia will actually mention what she thinks are her best attributes, things that men find appealing.

It seems that they're just there for attention and flattery and they have no intention to meet anyone.But by contrast, what I see from the western women on dating sites is pretty much what I see in day to day life too.And that's what I've learned from my experience of online dating.I finally felt like I could be myself, rather than having to think up a load of super witty lines to get their attention, only to be ignored time and time again. In so many western women's profiles, they say don't send me a message if all you're going to say is hi, hello etc.And their profiles conveyed so much femininity, humility, sweetness, and pretty much everything that was lacking in the UK women's profiles. Mostly negative, but from time to time there were a few good ones. It seems to me that women in western nations have for the most part forgotten how to be women. Who do they think they are to tell people what to say in a message?

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