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Yep, i OS 11 will allow you to record anything on your screen, from Face Time conversations and Whats App video calls, all the way through to Instagram stories and Snapchats.Currently, the likes of Instagram and Snapchat have a feature in place that tells the other user when one of their posts or updates have been screenshotted, so you'll know pretty quickly who is saving what photos from you.They’ve lost everything – credit cards, passport, cash, hotel key! Is the friend-in-trouble even in [Foreign Location]? Could you quickly check for an error in the Event Viewer?

In particular, watch out for Stranded in [Foreign Location] scams. It’s powered by Skype, which is probably an excellent thing.You have probably already decided whether you trust Skype and its technology, so you’re not sailing entirely into the unknown on that score.Voices can be hard to recognise reliably on poor-quality links, and video may be unrecognisable. They’re calling from the hacked account of a friend – unusual, of course, but this is an emergency! You probably know the deal: a friend contacts you from an overseas trip. – to advise all the friends of that friend that they, too, may be compromised.

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