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Stoyan and I were discussing this and wondered if there was a way to have longer cache times update resources when necessary. Caching is an important best practice for making websites load faster.(If you’re already familiar with caching and 304s you may want to skip to the self-updating section.) Caching is easily achieved by giving resources an expiration date far in the future using the Cache-Control response header.

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Even if the response is a simple 304 Not Modified with no response body, the time it takes to complete that roundtrip impacts the user experience.

That impact varies depending on whether the bootstrap script is loaded in the normal way vs. Loading scripts the “normal way” means using HTML: .

Revving a resource’s URL is an easy solution for getting updates to the user when it comes to the website’s own resources.

The website owner knows when there’s an update and since they own the web page they can change the resource URL. In most cases, 3rd party snippets contain the URL for a URL because they don’t have access to change all the web pages containing this snippet.

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