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It is extremely rare for all these tests to be normal in a dog that is a high anesthetic risk.When we know of problems in advance we can make modifications in anesthesia that protect your pet's life.All veterinarians know this and most of us have a great deal of empathy for your concerns.We veterinarians are fortunate in that older, less predictable, anethesthetics have been replaced by compounds that are very predictable and safe when properly used.Many times, I have forgone anesthesia in a pet when I was dissatisfied with the results of my physical exam.

So the difference between your pet being sedated and your pet being anethetized it blurry.Injectable anesthetics now each have their specific reversal agents and the gas anesthetics we use are quickly reversed by ventilation as your pet breaths them out of it's system.These agents have dramatically reduced the risk to your pet.Although I have read that overdoses with these agents are possible, I have not seen a bad reaction to these agents in the many years that I have used them.I also use these agents when I perform a cesarean section.

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