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If necessary, seek help (legal or otherwise) through the section on “Resources.” North Carolina law does not permit a landlord to evict you except by taking you to court. The papers, called a “summons and complaint,” would be served on you by the Sheriff. An agreement in a lease to repair a demised house shall not be construed to bind the contracting party to rebuild or repair in case the house shall be destroyed or damaged to more than one half of its value, by accidental fire not occurring from the want of ordinary diligence on his part. The summons gives the date and time of the hearing, and the complaint gives the reason the landlord claims that you must be evicted (for example, non-payment of rent.) The Court Hearing The court hearing usually is held within a week after you are served with the summons and complaint. When housing problems arise, consult this handbook. Read these sections backward and forward until you understand them well. Better yet, look at the Table of Contents before problems arise. Complete as it is, this Handbook may not cover your exact case.

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