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Even in media representation, fat men are often seen with thin, beautiful women, and the opposite is not true.If this event admitted only men with a 38-and-under waist size, it would still be awful and dehumanizing.Thankfully, this “biggie-sized chick” found a man who respects me as a human being and loves me for who I am — my body included. I prefer to date people who like to treat others with dignity and respect, and not judge their dateability by a number on the tag of their dress.If you don’t have six-pack abs, it seems a little ridiculous to demand that your partner have supermodel proportions.” I’ve never attended a speed dating event, but I can’t even imagine the horrible things said to fat women there..

On Speed Dating suggests in their description of the Skinny Minny dating event that men are often “tricked” online by women who are fatter than they appeared in the photos on their dating profiles.

This kind of fetishization isn’t flattering, either.

Fat women, like all other women, want to be loved and desired for who they are, not for a specific part of their bodies.

Dating isn’t easy for fat women, and things like “skinny-only” dating events only makes it more difficult.

In my own experience as a fat woman, I was told many times by fat men that I was “too fat.” The irony was stunning.

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    Whatever reason you do choose to date online, always sort through all of your available options and maximize your dating experience.