Taraji henson and adam rodriguez dating

"Lucious should've done a better job treating Cookie like the wonderful woman that she is," Adam told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover of romancing Cookie. I am super excited to be opposite her as soon as we can get this thing going," he said. The actor – who will soon return to the big screen in "Magic Mike XXL" – said he doesn't know Terrence in real life, but he's excited to work with him.

"Laz Delgado has a real clear picture about who Cookie is and how special she is, and he's gonna treat her that way." PHOTOS: 'Empire' Stars Adam and Taraji have played lovers before, in 2009's "I Can Do Bad All By Myself," and the actor had nothing but praise for his co-star. "I'm looking forward to getting to know him," he told Billy and Kit. The show's second season will premiere on September 23.

“I think what can happen on shows sometimes when they have the success that ‘Empire’ is having is you start to micromanage.

You start to over-examine every minute detail to the point that you start taking away from whatever that magic was in the first place.” This week’s episode will see Cookie learn the truth about Delgado’s gang affiliation, and Rodriguez says his character will try to do the right thing.

Although he was an excellent student, Adam had little desire to pursue an education after high school.

He ended up at community college, where he explored various interests with no real plan.

Adam lives in New York, Los Angeles, and a home he bought in Puerto Rico.

Lucious Lyon, you snooze (you lie, you cheat, you manipulate), you lose Cookie!“I really do feel like that was the deal,” he said.“Laz showed up, had very clear intentions on taking advantage of Cookie, and then all of a sudden got caught up in this tough charm of hers.” “They’re still enjoying the work that they’re doing,” he said.Adam took up acting classes and played in a couple of productions, with mild success.His lucky break came when his father was watching the 1996 Emmy Awards and recognized an old friend receiving an award.

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