Voaprop not updating

It also flags stations you have worked before, which I find very handy as I have a poor memory. It's probably some stupid setting I've got wrong, but I'm darned if I can see it.

I had to plan how we can setup the beam easy in the wooden tower. 73 de Jim....(3) Aaltjan Ha Marco, Hoor en volg je al een tijdje op D-star hoor je ook vaak vertellen over je werk.DIXPRS home page: https://sites.google.com/site/dixprs/ * It defaults to digipeating WIDE2 and WIDE1 - I had to drop that down to just WIDE1 as my goal is a fill in digi - we have too many HIGH WIDE's the way it is now but that's another post... * The digipeated packet callsign substitution doesn't include the used path element.For example, "WIDE1-1" becomes "WA7NWP-11*", not "WA7NWP-11*, WIDE1*". James will disagree but I still believe even stronger then ever that all those 'used' elements are just massive clutter in the packet histories. https://sites.google.com/site/dixprs/monitoring This is similar to what I'm doing with P9.... Bottom line - it's a cool project and I'm going to move it to one of the Linux server boxes to keep it running and gathering data.I was getting a bit frustrated as many DX stations that I could decode clearly were not returning my calls. Perhaps it was just because it was the weekend and busier than usual so that others whom I couldn't hear were replying to the same call and the DX couldn't decode any of us.A few times the station I called replied to someone else.

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