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The other thing is to make dating part of your monthly budget.

In your situation, it’s a legitimate expense, and you need to make it part of your financial game plan.

It’d be kind of weird to have the conversation on the first date. There are all these weird stories about people checking credit scores or something before they go on a date. We’re not talking about stuff like that, but it is also common sense on the other end to say, “Hey, I can’t really know that I want to marry you until I know if you have 0,000 in student loan debt.

That might enter into the equation.” I don’t think it’s a bad decision to be with someone with that much debt either. For instance, if my son was dating someone and we found out she had some debt or something, that would not scare me.

This expense is figured into our monthly budget, but we’re not quite out of debt yet.

My wife says this is a luxury at this point, and I should cut the grass myself until we’re out of debt. Ty Dear Ty, I think it depends a lot on your income. What is your personal time worth in the marketplace, and should you be plying your trade out in the world rather than mowing the lawn?

A lot of counselors that do pre-marriage counseling will have a couple do a pretend budget. In your case, you’ve both been through Financial Peace University, so you could say, “How would we apply what we learned if we were married today? It also makes you really test out what you believe about what you’ve learned.

I think probably before someone gets engaged, they know where the other one stands financially in most discussions.

But if you make an hour, it’s a good idea for you to be cutting your own grass, isn’t it?

Whether or not something is a “luxury” depends on your own personal income and financial situation.

Dear Dave, I’ve been following your plan, and I’ve finally gotten out of debt and feel I have control of my finances.

I’m also single, and I was wondering if you have any tips for how to gracefully mention financial topics and budgeting when you’re on a date.

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