Who is tegan from tegan and sara dating

Molly: Did you see the episode where they were swimming with the pigs? When I was watching "The Women Tell All" [the late-season episode in which eliminated contestants discuss their experiences] the other night, I was thinking “they're embarrassed”, but they're also totally excited to get another moment to be there to talk about themselves. Tegan: At first I really liked Jamie, and I also really like Jubilee. Sara: The episode where they kick [Olivia] off, where [ Ben] dumps her. OK, she's friendlier, but it doesn't mean anything but that she has lowered expectations.

They were both kind of funny, and they had attitude. There's the storm, and her face is just so dewy and wet. Sara: When they zoom away they make it look as if she's literally been left on the island alone, and they just get further and further away. Where they keep going further and further until they get to the International Space Station and you know that that girl is still on that island? With the twins, did you ever think, “That's not fair to reduce them to being a unit”?

, following a cast of six(ish) staffers as they navigate Los Angeles and attempt to make their dreams come true so they can quit their day jobs.

The cast is a reality show dream: beautiful people with delusional amounts of confidence and very bad impulse control. It stands for "Sexy Unique Restaurant." Sara: We watched the music video [for cast member Tom Sandoval's band Charles Mc Mansion's song "Touch in Public"] before we came over here.

Sara: I'll text Justin Trudeau right now and find out. What I'm left at the end with is four sticky fingers and a chunk of caramel, which I then nibble on.“Right now, we’re reworking live shows, and, now, as a 35-year-old adult, going back and singing songs we wrote when we were, like, 22, or even younger, the blend of emotions can be confusing,” she explains.Reliving old songs is the equivalent of reliving old memories—and with them comes the recognition that you are no longer the same person you once were. Now I have a little bit more peace and balance in my life, and that allows even more space to further evaluate or even think about past relationships and new relationships, or just the nature of love and relationships in general.“Each record is a chapter in the story of Tegan and Sara,” Sara says. The chorus echoes the heartache of countless lesbians who have been through the same cycle: is the day they released a pointedly tongue-in-cheek video for “Boyfriend.” They called on some rad queer women to help out: Clea Du Vall, who has been friends with the Quins for about 10 years, directed the video. Designer Rachel Antonoff (sister of musician Jack Antonoff) was the creative director.“We’ve been talking a lot about hiring as many women and LGBT people as possible…and with Clea and Rachel came this incredible all-female camera team, and I’d say about 80 percent of those working on the set were female—it was an incredible creative environment to be in!

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