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Cosmetically speaking, Mophie did a solid job of keeping the Helium lightweight, although that's eclipsed somewhat by the half-inch of length it adds to my i Phone.

That being said, nothing was more tedious than having to carry a dongle in order to be able to access my i Phone 5's headphone jack, which means I now have to remember to carry one extra thing in my bag -- yes, I could easily take off the case (or use a different pair of headphones) and keep my hands-free tunes / calls going, but doesn't that defeat the point?

It's safe to say we're a little picky around here: Darren's trying out yet another scanner app, and Edgar has settled on a smartphone battery pack (because everyone knows we can't agree on which is the best one).

And Philip's been playing with a retro-styled "handset" because, well, why not?

It sounds exactly like being on hold with a customer service department -- only with far more Soundgarden.

Also, despite claims of a high-quality speaker and mic, both are merely average for these types of accessories.

Incoming and outgoing voices are perfectly audible, but it's not exactly what I'd call crystal clear.

Younger than the previous lot, the fresh regime has a radical decentralising instinct and is pledging to make a clean break from the tired administration that preceded it. While Dominic Myers and Tim Watson – managing director and product director respectively – may lack the polished delivery of Messrs Cameron and Clegg, they have the same missionary zeal for change as the two politicians.

Waterstone's was in a quandary when the two men were given their jobs in January.

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